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In My Arms, 2015- present


The issue of identity has always been a concern for me, especially after immigration. Identity is a dynamic concept that is formed from the constant interaction of the individual and the environment. Therefore, it can be a function of both environmental changes and internal changes because culture takes place in interaction with the identity of individuals.  


In me, cultural identity and life history are intertwined. I will never be fully integrated to the cultural values of this new society, but I know that to take advantage of existing opportunities, I must meet and conform to the minimum social expectations and standards of this current culture. This identity duality is at the core of my self-portraits: two identities interacting with each other. However, my aspects in the form of self-portraits speak to the narratives of feminine power and femininity.  

I believe we all have a version of ourselves that is strong and hopeful, that comes to us in times of suffering, takes us by the hand, and embraces us. My self-portrait series is a (work in progress) visual expression of my personal struggle with depression and grief. There are two versions of me – a part of me that is overwhelmed and suffering and another part that is resilient, supportive, and powerful, that is in fact, my rescuer.




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