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From self-portraits series: 'Besides myself'  2021, pigment ink-jet print 80.0x100.0cm courtesy of the artist..jpg

Beside Myself, 2022، Pigment ink-jet print، 70.0 x 100.0 cm.Courtesy of the artist.

Ramak Bamzar (born. 1980) is an Iranian-born visual artist and fine art photographer based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. 
She completed a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art– Photography in Tehran and her Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Melbourne in 2022. 

Ramak began her career as a documentary photographer in Iran in 2005. Ramak's immigration from Iran to Australia presented new horizons within her art practice, where she could speak freely and without censorship in her artworks.
Since 2015 she has been living in Australia, where she practices as a visual artist and also a creative director and mentor in the field of fine art photography. 

Through her practice and by emphasising the elements and details of photography, she explores the power and impact of belief, culture and history on the formation of individual identity in women and their self-esteem in the contemporary culture of the Middle East. 
Ramak's practice is inspired by Persian poetry, Iranian imagery, and Western and Persian classical painting. By using historical references and symbols, she explores femininity and its relationship to patriarchy and male desire, the notion of feminine beauty in art, history, religion, and the impact of Western visual culture on Middle Eastern women.
Upcycling is a critical element of Ramak's practice –she uses second-hand materials and clothing to design, develop and create new clothing and accessories or to modify existing clothing for photography projects. Her works use stage design, objects, pose, colour, light and shadow to evoke an emotional response and engage the mind with questions about the identity and beauty of women in the contemporary era.








2022          Master of Fine Arts – The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Melbourne.
2003          Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography) – Azad University of Art and Architecture – Tehran, Iran.


2023             Anonymouslyاز Iran – Culture Lab LIC. New York, USA.

2022             Blood and Pomegranate – Sol Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.

2023             Moustachioed Women and Rhinoplastic Girls – Seventh Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.
2023            Collection of Moustachioed Women and Rhinoplastic Girls – Blindside Gallery. Melbourne, Australia.
2022            Collection of Moustachioed Women and Rhinoplastic Girls – Head On Photo Festival. Melbourne, Australia.

2022            Collection of Moustachioed Women and Rhinoplastic Girls – RMIT University. Melbourne, Australia.
2022            Woman, Life, Freedom – Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2022            The Ties That Bind– Ladder Art Space, Melbourne, Australia.
2022            Leila, Monash gallery of art – Melbourne, Australia.
2022            BRIGHTSPACER – Melbourne, Australia.
2021            Life in Lockdown Monash, gallery of art, online – Melbourne, Australia.      
2019            About Women – Kapi Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2019            The John Dudley Portrait prize – Cardinia Cultural Centre – Melbourne, Australia.
2019            Alchemy, Dandenong Ranges Open Studio – Melbourne, Australia.
2017            Iranian Wedding – Windowspace, Beeac, Australia (Solo).
2016            In Pain – Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (Solo).
2015            Iranian Wedding – Head On international Photo Festival – Sydney Town Hall. (Solo).
2015            IPF Photo Prize – The Good Copy, Melbourne, Australia.
2004            Living Death – Dresden, Germany.
2003            Fajr International Theatre Festival – Tehran, Iran.

Selected awards and achievements

2023              Winner of the Art Edit Self-Represented artist prize, Art Edit Magazine.
2022              Finalist – William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize.
2022              Finalist – Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women.

2022              Highly commended– Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women.
2022              Semi-finalist – Head On International Photo Festival.
2022              Featured artist – Head On International Photo Festival.
2019              Honourable Mention – TOKYO international Foto awards.
2019              Finalist – John Dudley Portrait prize.
2018              Featured image – Iranian Wedding, Dutch public broadcasting VPRO.
2015              Featured artist – Head On Photo Festival.
2015              Finalist – IPF Photo Prize.
2016              Featured artist – SEE ME.
2016              Featured artist – Dodho Magazine, Barcelona, Italy.
2015              Featured Photographer – Whim magazine, Australia.
2015              Featured Artist – Photojournalism now.

                       Featured Photographer –  Alt Life magazine, Australia.
2003              Winner – Fajr International Theatre Festival, Tehran, Iran.

2022             Interview,  A good starting point, SBS Australia.
2022             Interview, 3CR Radio.
2022             The Guardian.
2019             Hillscene magazine – No. 34.
2017             Anna Sande – Iranian wedding, Extreme Theatre.
2016             I Was Taught to Be Ashamed of My Sexuality – Edge of Humanity Magazine.
2016             Self-portraits – Art People Gallery, USA.
2015             EZRA magazine, Australia.
2015             John McDonald – The Sydney Morning Herald.

Other Professional Activities
2022         More than a singular image: Womanhood through the work of four photographers.
2022         Panelist: Stories that Stir: Self-Reflection.
2022         Panelist: Narratives of womanhood.
2020         Host – The Persian and the Poet Podcast, collaborating with Cameron Semmens.
2020         Poetry translator (English to Persian) – poems by contemporary Australian poet Cameron Semmens.
2019         Panellist – Being an Artist is a Job, Victorian Certificate of Education, Melbourne, Australia.
2015         Panellist – Imagining Iran: contemporary Iranian image-makers, Australian Centre for photography.   

رامک بام زر (متولد ۱۳۵۸)  هنرمند تجسمی و عکاس هنرهای زیبا متولد ایران است که در ملبورن استرالیا ساکن است.
او مدرک لیسانس خود را در رشته هنرهای زیبا – عکاسی در تهران و کارشناسی ارشد هنرهای زیبا را از مؤسسه فناوری سلطنتی  دانشگاه ملبورن در سال ۲۰۲۲  به پایان رساند.

رامک کار خود را به عنوان یک عکاس مستند در ایران در سال ۲۰۰۵ آغاز کرد.  مهاجرت او از ایران به استرالیا در سال ۲۰۱۰ افق های جدیدی را در فعالیت هنری او ایجاد کرد، جایی که او می توانست آزادانه و بدون سانسور در آثار هنری خود درباره حساسیتها و نگرانیهایش صحبت کند.  رامک از سال ۲۰۱۵  به عنوان یک هنرمند تجسمی و همچنین مدیر خلاق و مربی در زمینه عکاسی هنرهای زیبا فعالیت می کند.

او با تأکید بر عناصر و جزئیات عکاسی، به بررسی قدرت و تأثیر باور، فرهنگ و تاریخ بر شکل‌گیری هویت فردی زنان و عزت نفس آنان در فرهنگ معاصر خاورمیانه می‌پردازد. آثار رامک از شعر فارسی، تصویرسازی ایرانی و نقاشی کلاسیک غربی و فارسی الهام گرفته شده است. او با استفاده از ارجاعات و نمادهای تاریخی، زنانگی و رابطه آن با مردسالاری و میل مردانه، مفهوم زیبایی زنانه در هنر، تاریخ، مذهب و تأثیر فرهنگ بصری غرب بر زنان خاورمیانه را بررسی می کند.

بازسازی یک عنصر حیاتی در آثار رامک است - او از مواد و لباس های دست دوم برای طراحی، توسعه و ایجاد لباس و لوازم جانبی جدید یا اصلاح لباس های موجود برای پروژه های عکاسی استفاده می کند. در آثار او از طراحی صحنه، اشیا، ژست، رنگ، نور و سایه برای برانگیختن پاسخی احساسی و درگیر کردن ذهن مخاطب با پرسش‌هایی درباره هویت و زیبایی زنان در دوران معاصر استفاده می‌شود.

Copyright © Ramak Bamzar  2023 | All Rights Reserved 

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